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Meet our Staff:


Clark Fleeup

The son of a mechanic, Clark has grown up in the industry.  A native Southern Californian, he has worked in privately owned shops as well as various dealerships.  He completed extensive schooling to become a Volvo Master, the highest level of training in that arena.  


Disliking the pressure to oversell work, Clark decided to open his own shop.  He likes to view each vehicle he works on as if it were his mother’s.  He enjoys helping his customers learn about their vehicles and speaks to people in a non-technical way.


Outside of work, Clark is working toward obtaining his Glider Pilot's license.

Regina Huffman

With a lifelong love of cars, trucks, RVs and motorcycles, Regina was thrilled to have an opportunity to work in the automotive industry.

She joined the Service on Site family to help Stacy in the office.  She enjoys spending time in the shop too, when she's not busy working with our customers and vendors.  

When the weekend comes you can find her camping, riding, or spending time with her family and animals.


stacy photo.jpg
Stacy Fleeup

Before marrying Clark, her only experience in the automotive industry was as a customer.  Starting out as Clark’s scheduler and parts orderer, she dove into the repair side of the business after Clark’s medical issues temporarily sidelined him.  


Stacy’s natural inquisitiveness has helped her expand her automotive knowledge base.  Though usually on the clean side of the shop (behind a desk), she can hold her own wrenching with the boys when needed. She strives to take the fear and intimidation out of talking with customers about their vehicles.


Stacy likes to start all kinds of home-improvement projects; finishing them is another story!

Christian Gilbert

Christian started his automotive career the same way lots of kids do: helping his dad work on cars and bikes in the garage. That interest led to schooling and specialized training in the automotive field.

He is excellent at trouble-shooting even the most challenging problems.

His expertise includes dirt bikes to RVs, and everything in between but he especially loves VW Beetles!





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